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These funding applications are for small grants for people to make the world a better place using media. People that need some money to fix their camera, buy a microphone, or fix the screen on their mobile for example, can apply for funding. Your vote will help the funds go to the right people.

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VOTE - Portable journalism equipment

I have built and used a portable Solar power station for powering laptop/camera's for actavist and CJ work and need some replacement parts to get it working again.  This set-up is perfect for covering day long events and protest camps etc. Example project's am thinking about and am working on this one and can demo it here by runing a short workshop barncamp

To make this work I need a replacement 12v charge controller and replacement small mobility scouter 12v lead acid battery for a total of less than £50

OUTCOME: this was funded from other sources

VOTE - Backup battery pack

When I'm at an event or protest, I often find my battery reaches critical levels, meaning I have to resort to turning my phone off. Social media and video recording use large amounts of battery power.

With a battery recharge pack, I would be able to keep myself and the world updated as much as needed, as events unfold.


OUTCOME: this has been bought 

VOTE - Graphics for websites

Milda Norvaisaite - Graphics for 3 websites, linking, funding, newsflash and design of new template 1.5 honorarium of between £50-100 for 6 days work and updateing the sites in future.

OUTCOME: She has been paid 100 ponds for work on 3 websites and a template leflet.