This project is still in boot up phase. The money is topping up the account - if you are interested in getting involved please add a introduction on the wiki.

The fund currently stands at £1711.61 


How the fund works #

We have a small board (4 people) who meet once every 3 months in a coffee shop to discuss the grant proposals.

Grant proposals are added to the forum and are open for open public discussion and voting. The public voting/discussion influences the outcome.

Mission statement #

The fund has been setup to further the aims of the OMN, open industrial standards, open source,open licence, opendata, open process, free software to build a progressive media.

Money spent #

List of moneyspent

What can you do? #

you can donate Gray Internet advertising money or just donate (LINK)


Site issues #


Funding rounds #

20April2013 (internal testing round) 

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